Association conferences

Empower your participants, and build your conference with this simple-to-use tool.

The simple way to organize your association’s conference

To manage and organize your association’s conferences, you know how many details hang in the balance. Now you can let eventSPRING handle all the crucial elements so you can manage them from an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Call for contributions
  • Set the agenda
  • Confirm speaker participation
  • Confirm attendee participation
  • Publish all presentations online
  • Distribute handouts ahead of time
  • Send follow-up materials to attendees post-event

So, spring your event forward!

See how it all works

We know that your job is complicated.

Let’s face it, even when things are going well, conferences are complicated. We developed eventSPRING to remove the pain and stress from chasing all the countless details – whether it’s setting your agenda, confirming participation or attendance, or getting content ready for presentation.

From complication to simplification.

See how easy it is to build your conference in eventSPRING:
1) Customize your conference branding
2) Build the agenda with simple drag-and-drop
3) Invite people and see who’s responding
4) Collect presentations and handouts
5) Publish and share information and content

Your conference is a success!

Turn to eventSPRING for a successful finished product. Your event will have a well-structured, great looking conference agenda. Your participants will be invited and confirmed easily. Your speakers’ content will be uploaded with ease and converted to multiple formats – all ready to present live, streamed in real time, recorded and made available online. With all of that, who wouldn’t give you rave reviews?